Having worked in Marketing & Events for over 11 years I was accustomed to a high pressure job. In early 2016, a hugely stressful work situation left me suffering from anxiety and depression. Two things I'd never experienced before and the sharp decline was both out of character and completely debilitating.

Looking for solutions to get me back on track, I began to meditate and took a life changing week long course called the Hoffman Process. It was during this time that I realised the true power of meditation and visualisations, which helped me lose all my anxiety, depression and properly grieve for my dad who very sadly took his own life when I was just 7 years old.

It was a profound experience and I decided that I needed to change career and help people avoid or escape similar stress related situations, which led me to launch Happy Heads.

Experiencing the trauma of losing a parent at such a young age and having no tools or techniques to help me - meant it was very hard to process the emotions that I had at the time. Daily meditation and visualisations helped me to process these emotions, having an incredible effect on my mental and physical well-being - curing the digestive problems I'd suffered my whole life for example.

This is why I’m teaching meditation to kids, as well as adults. Because I have felt it's power in helping to reduce anxiety, increase focus, reduce stress, improve self esteem, process emotions, alleviate depression and generally improve my all round well-being.

I’m a Connected Kids Tutor, completing the course by the incredibly intuitive Lorraine Murray, author of 'Calm Kids' and 'Connected Kids’, which teaches simple, practical and effective tools to help both children, parents and the family unit.

I'm also a qualified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practioner trained by the amazing Ashley Meyer of The Energy Therapy Centre - a powerful tool that helps to aleviate negativity blocked in your system and is a perfect partner to meditation.

As a practioner it’s very important for me to nuture my own wellbeing so I was lucky enough to complete The Bridge retreat, which helped create a whole new level of self love within myself, deepen my practice and increase my understanding of how the mind works.

My goal is to make every head a Happy Head.

Kim x