Happy Heads brings a unique apporach to improving the mental, physical & emotional well-being of children - building confidence, reducing stress & anxiety as well as increasing focus

Empowering people to be happier by processing their thoughts & feelings

The next generation has been coined 'Generation Stress'. Over exposure to technology, increased chemicals in the diet and the current pace of life all play a part in an increasingly anxious society we are creating for both ourselves and our children

A simple non-invasive approach that delivers inspiring results

A growing body of research confirms that meditation and daily mindfulness can work miracles - whilst traditionally focussed on adults, Happy Heads gives life tools to children when they may not otherwise be able to vocalise what they are feeling inside

A little about the journey of Happy Heads founder Kim Murray


Kim aged 34 brings a wealth of personal and professional experience with her passion for helping people. Reflecting upon the pressures of a succesfull marketing career and the tragic loss of her father aged 7 inspired her to retrain and launch Happy Heads


The results have been quite incredible. We tried all the traditional routes with psycologists and the likes, but our family unit was unbalanced and stuck in a tricky circle that we simply couldn't break. Happy Heads changed our lives for the better.