‘’Happy Heads workshops have given our people the space they need to stop, breathe and re-focus.  Kim is truly inspiring and knowledgeable, providing us with simple tools we need to bring balance at work and in our personal lives” - Stella McCartney

Stress in the work place is a growing issue driven by a culture of fear and silence discussing mental health. Life can be stressful - both personally and professionally. Stress in the work place is a growing issue driven by a culture of fear and silence discussing mental health. Tight deadlines, the pressures of everyday life and never switching off our phones all bring on stress and anxiety. We can’t control everything that life throws at us, but what can we do to reduce the pressure on our brains?

Happy Heads teaches busy people how to stop, think and breathe - empowering you with simple mindful tools and techniques that reduce anxiety, increase focus and reduce stress levels at work and in everyday life.

Reports prove that meditation helps improve both mental and physical well-being. Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping) is a non invasive form of acupuncture and a great partner to meditation as it helps your brain get to the core route of a problem and takes the emotional / negative charge away from it - the perfect partners.

Forget your pre-conceptions about what meditation is. Happy Heads knows each human is unique, which is why each session is tailored to your specific needs.

Each workshop combines :

• Insight - the brain, signs of stress and how to control them

• Breathing and physical techniques to calm and escape

• Visualisation - guided meditation to soothe the mind and release worries 

• EFT - a powerful tool for releasing negative blockages in the mind and body

Workshops are designed specifically for your staff’s specific needs, here are just a few example workshops:

Reducing Anxiety, Increasing Focus, Unlocking Creativity, Calming the Mind, People Management, Improving Mental Fitness, Work Life Balance, Increasing Confidence, Presenting, Building Self-Esteem…

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