Your formative years when your brain is still developing is an amazing time of self discovery. But it can be both an exhilarating and scary time in equal measure.

It’s this time in your life that you experience a whole spectrum of emotions - happiness, excitement, isolation, rejection, self doubt, self belief, sadness, anger,’s important to know that every emotion is normal.

The good news is - your brain is soft wired, not hard wired. You CAN combat your anxious mind, you just need the tools and techniques to do so. This 4 week online course has been specifically designed to improve both your mental and physical wellbeing.

There is no group sharing over the 4 weeks, it's very much your own journey and you’ll be sent information at the beginning of the week to set you up for the week ahead.

The weeks are broken down into the following topics:

Week 1 - Calming the Mind

Week 2 - Body & Breath 

Week 3 - Improving Sleep  

Week 4 -  Increasing Confidence

Each week you’ll receive an email that includes:

  • A video -  explaining the topic, breathing techniques, visualisation description 

  • Some weeks there are two videos so that you can clearly understand the techniques

  • Information on the subject of that week - what it means and how better understanding it helps reduce anxiety 

  • Meditation recording -  for you to use that week (you’ll get a different one each week)

  • Digital Detox - small challenges each week to help clear your mind from unnecessary information overload

  • Weekly practice - this is a summary that includes hints and tips for that week along with some personal practice for you to do

Give yourself some time on the Sunday to digest the information and then each day you’ll be doing approximately 10 mins of meditation in the morning (sometimes at night). Each week is different but it has been designed so that you choose how to fit it into your week - what you put in, you get out!

You have my direct email if you need to ask any questions so you are fully supported throughout. 

The course is £55 for the whole 4 weeks. To book onto the online course or if you have any questions about whether it's right for you, simply email me at or fill in your details below and I will be in touch xx

“I really enjoyed happy heads and feel like it helped me. The course was relaxing, helpful and very calming. It helped improve my sleep and increase my confidence”
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