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Have you ever found yourself ruminating on over a past comment or mistake? We tend to dwell over negative memories far longer than positive ones. The reason being - negative events have a greater impact on our brains than positive ones. This is often referred to as our ’negative bias’ - exhausting right!

“Our tendency to pay more attention to bad things and overlook good things is likely a result of evolution. Earlier in human history, paying attention to bad, dangerous, and negative threats in the world was literally a matter of life and death. Those who were more attuned to danger and who paid more attention to the bad things around them were more likely to survive. The evolutionary perspective suggests that this tendency to dwell on the negative more than the positive is simply one way the brain tries to keep us safe” - Kendra Cherry ‘Very Well Mind’

The next time you find yourself ruminating over the past - take a minute to STOP, PAUSE & BREATH. Remember that this is an evolutionary brain process that you no longer need to succumb to there is no perceived danger. Ruminating over the past is a guaranteed way to create anxiety so focus on the present moment to strengthen your neurological pathways and reduce your worries. The body and breath are amazing tools to help anchor you in the moment - use them as often as you can.

To read the full article by Kendra Cherry simply click HERE.

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Don't worry if you’re feeling a little anxious today - this is a simple breathing technique to help calm your nervous system down and soothe your mind.

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