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S T O P - T H I N K - B R E A T H E
How are you feeling today? Foggy, stressed, anxious? I might be able to help with that…I'm joining the amazing She’s Lost Control tribe in a couple of weeks to help you calm your mind. Happy Heads teaches busy people how to stop, think and breathe - empowering you with simple mindful tools and techniques that build confidence, reduce anxiety and increase focus.
Meditation helps improve both mental and physical well-being, bringing you back into balance when you need it most. This workshop includes insight into the brain, shortcut breathing techniques, guided meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique (also know as Tapping). EFT is a powerful way to help release negative thoughts and tension held in your body, enabling you to be the best version of yourself - the perfect partners.
To book simply click HERE - can’t wait to meet you all!
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What better way to overcome the winter blues? Come join us on a magical four day retreat in the stunning Casa Dalia where we will take your mind, body and soul on a complete transformation.
Every is was filled with meditation, wellbeing workshops utilising EFT (tapping), yoga, relaxing in the sunshine, watching the sun rise over Africa, journalling, sound circles and so much more.
Filling you with healthy goodness throughout are the insanely talented @pachamamaorganic who create the most incredibly delicious plant based meals every day - ensuring everyone is nourished both inside and out.
Casa Dalia has a truly SPECIAL energy & we can't wait to get back out there! We only have a few places left now for our retreat 20th - 23rd JUNE 2019 so please get in touch for a retreat pack and to book.
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We often put our own self care at the bottom of our priority list, meaning we feel exhausted and completely burnt out - it’s time to make a change & prioritise yourself!

24th - 27th January we are returning to the stunning Shropshire Hills and yes there are loads of wild ponies! Happy & Wild will take your mind and body on a magical journey of transformation.

You’ll have four days filled to the brim with meditation, yoga, wellness workshops using EFT (tapping), hiking in the hills, healthy & delicious food, journalling, rest, relaxation and much more. Whether it’s a present for yourself or a loved one, it’s the perfect way to start the year.

Please contact me for a retreat pack and to book. Spaces are filling up quickly so don’t miss out!
What a beautiful photo by Robin Bennet of the wild ponies in the Shropshire snow xx
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Let’s face it summer is always hectic and you come out of it feeling truly exhausted! Don't worry because I have just the thing you need to help COMPLETELY reset your mind, body & soul!!
Happy & Wild are returning to Wandering William and the stunning Shropshire Hills 1st - 4th November for four magical days filled to the brim with meditation, yoga, wellness workshops using EFT (tapping), hiking in the hills, healthy & delicious food, journalling, rest, relaxation and much more.
For a retreat pack and to see the beautiful benefits our previous participants have gained - email
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Sept Retreat - Website Pic.jpg

I’m still pinching myself that this is actually my job! Back from running a magical four day retreat in the stunning Casa Dalia where we had the most AMAZING group of women. So much love for everyone that came, nurtured their mind, body & soul - creating a truly special energy.
Every day was filled with meditation, wellbeing workshops utilising EFT (tapping), yoga, relaxing in the sunshine, watching the sun rise over Africa, journalling, deliciously healthy food and so much more.
Extra special thank-you to the insanely talented and wonderful soul @pachamamaorganic who created the most incredible plant based meals every day meaning everyone was completely nourished inside and out - missing you guys already.
Final massive thank-you to my talented partner in health @wildthingyoga1 . You know you’ve got a great partnership when work feels like a holiday.
Because Casa Dalia has a truly SPECIAL energy & everyone had such an incredible time, we’ve already booked our dates for 2019 - come and join us!
20th - 23rd JUNE 2019
19th - 22nd SEPTEMBER 2019
Spaces are limited so if you want to experience our wonderful Happy & Wild retreat, please get in touch
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I am SUPER excited to announce that myself & Wild Thing Yoga are partnering with the wonderful Happiness Planner to launch a collaborative series in London on personal growth.

We launch our 5 part monthly events with Benk & Bo on Sunday 17th June. 10am-3pm.

The day will start with fresh juice & teas, then a meditation & EFT workshop in the glorious plant filled event space followed by an explorative hours flow.

A colourful brunch will be created by our pals Oat Kitchen followed by an inspirational workshop on personal growth with Mo Seetubtim, the founder of The Happiness Planner and author of the inspirational blog Brand Mentalist.

We only have 25 tickets for the first event & they can be found HERE.

We can’t wait to share this with you - more exciting dates & venues coming soon xx



Happy Heads and Wild Thing Yoga have joined together again to create a magical and inspiring retreat experience for you.

Extending on our London day retreats, we’re creating 4 days of wellness in the stunning Shropshire countryside as we head to the hills in January to set intentions for the year ahead with the first of many ‘Happy & Wild’ retreats.

Taking place on Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st January in and around an ancient farmstead just outside of Ludlow in Shropshire, Happy & Wild invite you to join them in a refreshing journey of exploration for both the body and mind.

The retreat will provide you with the tools to nurture and re-invigorate your mental and physical fitness to begin the year in the very best way you can.

The schedule is full to the brim with guided meditations, vinyasa flow/restorative/hatha & yin yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), empowering workshops, healthy and hearty vegetarian Ayurvedic food, hikes in the stunning Shropshire hills, lots of time for rest and rejuvenation and much much more.

This retreat has been specifically designed for you to re-claim your inner power, giving you the chance to press the reset button - setting you on the right path for the year ahead.

For full details head over to our FB Page

HUGE thank-you again to all the beautiful souls that came to our Autmn Grounding Urban Day Retreat. The whole day was incredible and with feedback like this - we'll be doing more and more!

“The pace of the day, the beauty of the setting, the gorgeous, nourishing food, the helpful and eye opening exercises, the well pitched yoga session, the grounding meditation(s) and the overall atmosphere-pure magic! I came away feeling so replenished and open.I floated out into manic city life again with a sense of calm, robust self that is still serving me well.The amount of times I have mentioned the workshop and it’s warmly welcome lingering effects is a testament to you two and all the hours of planning, hard work and zeal that must have gone into the day.”

“Again, thank you, from my soul to yours, for yesterday. There was a calming cloud of energy over the space and though everyone was on their personal journey, I felt very much embraced by every warming soul there. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience something as empowering as that.”

“Thank you for yesterday. You guys are amazing! I still can’t believe how physically rewarding and emotionally connecting the day was.
Thank you x”

“Thank you again for all your endless energy and wisdom truly create a piece of magic! You should be soooo bloody proud that you have the ability to bring a group of strangers together and have EVERYONE float away smiling and hugging!”

January has never looked more beautiful!!

Kim XX




I'm very proud and excited to announce that my podcast with the incredible Project Love is now live! Hear me discuss my story of transformation and what lead me to completely change career - starting Happy Heads and following my true purpose in life...xx